European Fashion Dateline (1961)



La revista Playboy publicaba en enero de 1961 este reportaje sobre la moda europea de la época.


Besuited in the best British tradition is our guy at the right, chatting with fomed English movie producer Roy Boulting, and o script girl, on a British film set. His suit, aptly colled london Une, is a solid worsted in a threecalor check design; three-button jacket hos two vents in the bock¡ by Aquoscutum, $1 OO.

When in Rome, relaxing with a beoutiful  woman ot a terroce cocktail party overlooking the Palotine Hill, do os the more knowledgeable Romons do. Recognize the need for odding new color directions to your wardrobe, like this l ago blue linen short-jocket suit, with three buttons and side vents, by Brioni, $125.


Our Romon friend visits Gion-Corlo Menotti’s Festivo! of the Two Worlds ot Spoleto ond is foscinoted by the groc,e of Joponese doncer Akiko Kondo. She, in tum, digs his  onowstriped sports jocket of Scottish wool, with covered bottons, center vent ond hond-stitched potch pockets, $11 O, worn over cuffless groy flonnel slocks, $50, both by Angelo ütrico.


An ofter-lunch cordial and good conversotion ore d ispensed by the Duke of Bedford (left) in his dining room ot Wobum Abbey. His guest is correctly allired for lhe &lglish countryside, in o block-and-white houndstooth tweed sports jacket with o green thread  running through it, $45, over gray worsted trousers, $15.50. Both ore by Joeger.



The elegont White Elephont in london’s Moyfoir is o privote bor ond dini119 dub frequented by the younger members of British society. Our stonding bibber weors o showl-<:ollor silk ond wool dimer jodcet foced in block sotin, by Benson, Perry & Whitley, Ud., $160. His chum’s dinner jocket is worsted with grosgroin focing, by G. Word & Co., $130.


On the Pincion Hill in Rome i.s situoted the  chic ond chorming restouront, Cosino Volodler, o gothering ploce for Rome’s smort  set. And snortly ottired is the gentlemon on the left, toking his ofter-dinner stroll in his silk ond rnohoir dinner jocket with showl collor ond side vents, $200. The other guy wins odmiring glonces, too, with his white silk ond linen dinner jocket with o show! cotlor piped in block silk, over block linen trousers, $190. Both ore by Borotto.

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